I have been a diabetic for 12-13 years now. For almost half of this tenure I didn’t care. But then by around late 2013 my perspective changed and my diabetes management efforts improved immensely. This is clearly indicated by my A1C progression from 10 to a sustained 6 for almost 5 years now. Education and discipline were my main weapons.

I am in Mumbai, in India, and when the 21-day lockdown was announced on the 25th of March 2020, I wondered how I would go through so many days of suffocation and restraint. As soon as the lockdown was announced, I was already dreaming of the day when things would be relaxed, when life would come back to normal and I would get back to my usual sense of freedom and movement. But I knew that was far away.

The next morning came as a complete surprise to me. Suddenly my mind decided to go positive and focus on one day at a time. Apart from that, my bucket-list resurfaced and I realized that I could make these 21 days extremely constructive. Today, on the 15th day of  the lock-down the following are the things that I have achieved:

  • I can cook an entire meal by myself. This is my best and my most important achievement. A diabetic that can cook for himself or herself surely contributes to one’s glycaemic control in a great manner.
  • I have managed to read 2 very good books that have been with me for years but I have never managed to get to them.
  • I have always been a great fan of Indian mythology and it has fascinated me beyond words. I am right now in the midst of Srimad Bhagavatam by Kamala Subramaniam. The stories of wisdom have inspired me and are kind of pointing me to another level of peace and tranquility.
  • The Ramayana and The Mahabharata are to follow.

Where did all this focus and lack of anxiety come from? I believe that as a disciplined diabetic I have been living my life in a contextual lockdown mode for many years now. In my case since 2013. The lockdown has been more mental and emotional, as the don’ts on my plate have always outweighed the dos.  I managed, over years, to gather all the limitations put forth to me – medicines, food, sleep, exercise, and lifestyle and convert them into positive mental fuel for my long term health – mental and physical. This conditioning over a period of time became the new-normal for me. My mind had already accepted and buffered a deep sense of adjustment.

The physical lockdown hence is now just another added layer for me. It was a shock, but my mind was probably better prepared, even for something as unprecedented as this. A little more than all those people who have not undergone a trauma of this nature.  The covid-19 pandemic made me realize that as diabetic I am more prepared to understand, accept, withstand and surpass negative personal or world events happening around me. Diabetes made me like that. It made me stronger and more resilient and I can only end this blog by saying – thank you diabetes!