Each living moment, every diabetic is waging an uphill battle.

Diabetes is a multifaceted, back-breaking climb that manifests itself physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, professionally and in every which way. Whether you are a newly diagnosed diabetic or someone already living with it, rest assured that this condition is like an expedition with only a beginning. There is no end in sight, yet.

This blog is a bower, a pit-stop, a base-camp, an oasis – call it what you like. It single-mindedly aims to help every diabetic revive, restore and rejuvenate for the next challenge or phase of his or her life.

The unDiplomatic Diabetic began at a finite individual level, but now endeavors to go inclusive – step by step. We believe in the power of like-minded people coming together. We believe in the power of tolerance and sensitivity. We believe in the power of positive societal osmosis. We believe that the only nudge that humans need is a little empowerment.  Our mainstay is to fuel this empowerment on a regular basis by providing every diabetic with – verified, holistic and actionable information.

We are a group of passionate and determined people who want to make a difference and who deeply believe that every diabetic matters.


Our mission is to provide ‘active’ pieces of information. We define ‘active’ as a trigger that will help passive diabetics rethink their lives. This will motivate further empowerment through a single-minded source – knowledge.



Geeta Aiyer

Geeta Aiyer

Concept & Co-founder

Diabetes became the most dominating factor in Geeta’s life almost a decade ago.

Dinesh Z

Dinesh Z


Personifying ‘Being Human’ even before it became a brand would have been easy for anybody if they had met Dinesh.

Neha Dulera

Neha Dulera


At a very young age, Neha comes packed with a sensibility that is unparalleled at this age.