Age – 52 years, Resident of Mumbai, A dedicated working professional, Wife.

Adlina is a sincere, hard working, conscientious person. Her life revolves around her home, her job and the Kingdom Hall (her place of worship).

While Adlina’s parents were both non-diabetic, all her maternal aunts and uncles are diabetic. Her elder sister (who the family lost to a terrible road accident) was diabetic. It was like diabetes had not just made inroads into this family, it kind of decided to reside there.

Till the age of 50 Adlina kept diabetes at bay. Her eating habits were moderate and the 60-80 minute walk, to and from work, a regular habit. There was nothing out of place and Adlina did not look like a sitting candidate for diabetes.

Enter work pressure. Adlina holds her current job for over 3 decades. During her initial years’ work was great. But as years passed, like in many other organizations in India, her company too had to let people go. People who retired were not replaced. And the quantum of work that Adlina had to handle kept increasing exponentially.

Adlina’s job involves interacting with an entire gamut of people within the organization. From the senior-most to managerial & clerical staff to workers & labourers who are her internal customers. Within this is a maze that she has to traverse every single day… a maze of negotiations, of debates, of discussions, of arrangements and settlements. And all this had to be done well and in the noblest fashion. Justice had to be handed out every single day.

Gradually, year after year, month after month and day after day, this strain & tension kept building. And what can one do about stress? Mere mortals like us cannot escape its involuntary, uncontrollable and persistent nature. And this very stress finally precipitated into type 2 diabetes.

Let me re-focus on Adlina again.

Adlina was mindful of diabetes and some of its related complications due to her sister. While the doctor did due diligence with medicines, Adlina knew better. The following are what she did, some consciously while the others, God led her to:

  • Adlina did not let diabetes come in the way of life
  • She took it head-on and was very disciplined with her doctor visits and check-ups
  • She kept to her moderate way of eating and maintained her ‘walking’ routine
  • In terms of changes :
    • Adlina has now switched to brown rice completely. White rice is no longer part of her diet. One wheat roti is her breakfast, but she walks for 40 minutes after that meal. So consider it neutralized.
    • Now aware of the benefits of eating on time and at regular intervals – fruits have become her mid morning and evening snack. This helps her blood sugars to be within the allowable range and not go too low. This also ensures that she does not run out of energy and is active and at her best all day long.
    • All the members of her family have also switched to brown rice.

Adlina is now also more educated about the complications of unmanaged diabetes. With her life and routine in good control she is now ready to focus on her husband who is also a diabetic. Her next mission is to enable him to slowly make the necessary positive changes. I have met him and he is a wonderful human being. An extremely kind and generous soul.

We thank Adlina for telling her story to the world through us. We strongly believe that there is a lesson to be learnt from every single story.

Adlina is a flag bearer for the battle against diabetes. But most importantly she is now a friend, a buddy and an inspiration to the entire diabetic universe.