Exercise is a very boring activity for some of us. I included. My 2-year old association with my gym ended with what I thought was a small well deserved break during August 2018. And now for 3 months I have been exercise-less. Mind you, my membership is still valid, but that huge invisible thing called ‘inertia’ had set in. And I found it very difficult to shake out of it till a few weeks back.

In the last quarter, September 2018 end (I was already one month without any form of exercise) my a1c showed 6.6 – 0.3 up from the last quarter. This meant that my average sugar level in that quarter was 143 – up from 134. Not something to be proud of. Now in that quarter I was busy getting this blog up and running and in my mind I easily dedicated this increase to my being very busy with absolutely no time or energy for workouts.  Even in hindsight this holds true. I was writing for 4-5 hours a day and I used to get very tired by mid-day. There were other formalities to be completed too and that really left me with no time and more importantly no inclination. The sad part was that I did not go through any feeling of remorse or guilt.

Life continued, we launched this blog and one fine day in the 3rd week of November (a few weeks ago and post Diwali) I checked my weight after a long time. To my utter shock I was up from 66 to 69 kilos. While an a1c of 6.6 did not worry me much (because I knew I could get it down easily), the weight gain worried the hell out of me. I am sure if at any point in time you were in the process of conscious weight-loss, you know exactly how I felt that day. Every 500 gms of weight loss is a huge and an arduous task. Also my body-type is such that my weight tends to love me and does not shed that easily.

I was angry, annoyed, upset, with me, with God and whatever else one is upset with during such situations. Despite all this I did not look at the gym. If fact during my way back from work, I avoided a certain path because then I would encounter this gym that I was starting to detest.

One fine day, yet again, I received a spam email from a certain app that had detected that I have and use an OPPO phone. The app was a pedometer and promised me fitness and health as any such app would. If my gym routine had been on, I would delete that email instantly. But in my case, I was looking for a way out. I wanted a workout, but I did not want to go to the gym.

I downloaded it, set a goal of 10,000 steps a day and started walking. As luck would have it, this app turned out to be unstable. It would reset on its own and I also felt that the distance reading was faulty. But now my mind was made-up. I quickly deleted this app, went to ‘playstore’ and downloaded the first app with a good rating. This app is called the ‘pedometer step-tracker app’. Amazon Music uses these apps as inventory for advertising (logical right – walking and music do go hand-in-hand) and I downloaded that too. Go for this app if you want a single-minded, non-complicated app. Trust me I am not the one to figure out new technology. So if I can use it, anybody can.

The past week has been fulfilling again with respect to walking durations and calories burnt and I am averaging 5000 steps per day which means:

  • I am burning around 250 calories / day
  • Walking for around 3.5 kms / day
  • And for around 50 minutes

Now look at this from a diabetes point-of-view. The prescribed patterns are 150 minutes of brisk walking per week or 30 minutes per day. Right from day one I have met this target. So my basic job is getting done.

My aim is to do 10,000 steps a day in 2 installments. This means that I will burn 250 calories twice a day every day.  And hopefully in a month or so come back to 66 kilos and an a1c of 6 (average blood sugar of 125).

The gym was new to me 2 years ago and that novelty lasted until a few months back.  I am sure the freshness of this app will last me at least till monsoons set-in (another 7 months to go till then). But now I am not worried of boredom or saturation. I have the will and life will find me a way.