Sports still remains an unconventional and challenging career path in India. A few thousand people succeed from a population of over a 130 crores. Year after year your daughter has excelled in every form of sport and still holds her school’s sports trophy for the 5th year in a row.

An unconventional career demands exceptional talent. With that in place, training, coaching, gear, practice, nutrition come next in preparing her for the big league. And as a parent the onus falls right back on you to mould and cement the way ahead for her.

With P.V. Sindhu as her idol, your daughter is dreaming big. Your unmanaged diabetes can unsettle her and derail her from the path she has chosen. Death, financial loss and depression can disrupt your family and leave them orphaned and helpless.

Listening to your doctor and being disciplined & compliant are the only way to ensure normal blood sugar levels and keep diabetes complications away.

Be there for your budding champion. Take care of yourself. Don’t let diabetes come in the way.