Your daughter is your delight. She is an academic genius with every prize, reward and scholarship under her belt.  Her intelligence and maturity are inborn and every teacher in the school treasures her. At the same time, the child in her adores being with her mother. As though she is still attached to you through an invisible umbilical cord. She is your little pet who follows and shadows you all day long. She is and has always been mama’s little girl.

Your unmanaged diabetes can result in distress & defeat and crush your daughter’s bright future.  It can create a void in her life that no human being can ever fill. Death, loss of income and depression can create havoc, unsettle your family and leave them exposed and helpless.

Listening to your doctor and being disciplined & compliant are the only way to keep diabetes under dangerous levels and lead a complication-free and productive life.

Be there for your little genius. Take care of yourself. Don’t let diabetes come in the way.