Your son is a budding professional singer. At a very young age he has taken to ‘the stage’ very naturally. Being self-motivated, he works at refining his art relentlessly day after day. Delivering a brilliant public performance is his next big dream.

Your little boy has simply followed your footsteps. He has inherited your love for music, your melody has become his and music & you are his best companions.

Your unmanaged diabetes can upset your child’s life and destroy his will to pursue his dream. Your premature ill health can result in chaos & confusion and unsettle him for good. Death, loss of direction and depression can destabilize your family and leave them weak and vulnerable.

Listening to your doctor and being disciplined & compliant are the only way to keep diabetes under dangerous levels and lead a complication-free and productive life.

Be there for your musical prodigy. Take care of yourself. Don’t let diabetes come in the way.