Diabetes is a debilitating condition and can cause serious and irreversible damage to the human body if not managed well. As of 2017, 7-10% of India was diabetic and this number as we speak is growing in gigantic proportions. If you look around, every household has at least one diabetic in it. The person sitting next to you in the train, bus or in the flight is a diabetic. The person sitting next to you in the cinema hall is a diabetic. It’s all over, everywhere. Individuals and families have been destroyed due to diabetes. These fatalities manifest themselves physically, emotionally, professionally and financially.

As a diabetic you may have seen many campaigns in the offline and online media. Most of these campaigns showcase a certain physical loss to the human body – like loss of a limb, eyesight etc. These campaigns are built around the fear for ‘self’, which we very well know, doesn’t do much as a trigger for that permanent positive change. Diabetics and their families have become immune, numb. Frankly nobody really cares.

And hence this unique attempt to create a “bitter-sweet” but a hard-hitting campaign that will talk to you (if you are a parent and a diabetic) through the eyes of your children. The love for one’s child is the strongest emotion ever felt by human beings. It is sometimes so strong that it even pushes the love for our parents to the number 2 position. Our attempt is to use this very emotion and make it the catalyst of change for YOU. Fingers crossed.

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