Over the last 6 months my HbA1c moved from 6 to 6.2 to 6.3.

My glucometer was always my best friend. But in the former half of the last 6 months, I stopped monitoring my sugar levels at home to test the level of conditioning I had achieved. What I mean here is as follows:

  • I was checking if I would be able to sustain my healthy sugar levels even if I didn’t check after every meal.
  • Would I know – what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat without that guideline.
  • Or would there be a void. A feeling of helplessness, a fear of having eaten something wrong. Of having eaten too early or too late.  And of having eaten too less or too much.

Why did I do this experiment?

Motivation 1 – I was trying to shake off the overdependence on the glucometer that was setting in.

Motivation 2 – Each strip costs approx. INR 25 (the brand I buy). Even if you take an average of one a day for 90 days, I saved Rs.2250 at a bare minimum. When I check, I check up to as much as 5 times a day. So do the math. Self-monitoring sometimes can be mindless and one needs to cut that habit off.

Let me tell you what I tried to keep constant:

  1. My diet
  2. My exercise
  3. My sleep patterns
  4. My stress levels

Also God was kind and no event that would unsettle me emotionally took place during these 6 months.

What am I trying to tell you?

If you are largely in control, with good HbA1C readings over 4 to 5 quarters, start applying your mind to what you are doing right. Make a mental checklist of those routines and do not allow for too much variation in them. Once you are able to achieve this, you will gradually be able to second guess the glucometer and will need to use it only to cross-check once in a while or when you break the mould or during regimen and medication changes.

My glucometer is still my best friend. But one prick less is always a welcome phenomenon!