Superhero comics and movies do more than entertain us; they inspire us to be true heroes.

When we hear the word “Superhero”, we most likely imagine men and women in vibrant outfits flying, stopping moving trains, circling the earth or beating up bad guys. However, these aren’t just people in tights; they’re courageous, self sacrificing people who set examples for us all to be better people.

Deepak of all the people knew it…he was the biggest superhero fan in the world. Never having ever missed a single comic book, an animated show or a movie adaptation.

After his meeting with the kind doctor, Deepak on the following day picked up another superhero comic titled – the 10 greatest sacrifices in comic book history. Ironic. It started with Rorschach followed by Captain America. And then Jean Grey as dark phoenix and her decision to opt for death rather than causing increased chaos and death. Then there was Spiderman and his death fighting the green goblin. The next 6 included V, Captain America again, Hal Jordan, Wolverine, Barry Allen and finally Superman.

Now amongst all of these, Spiderman was his all time favourite. Deepak related to Spiderman. Spiderman was the character that got him interested in the whole Superhero business to being with. Much later in life the movie re-kindled his childhood interest in Superheroes every time he saw it.

Life is strange sometimes, and in the smallest of ways possible. It makes the most peculiar and unforeseen connections for us to tie-together and look at them in the same context. Now how in the world did sacrifice, superheroes, Deepak’s life and diabetes come together?

Deepak, my friend, the great national sales manager was a superhero in his own right. Everything that he had achieved in life was in heroic proportions. In every aspect of life he had succeeded despite odds. No situation was ever a challenge to him. He was the go-to man in his organization. He was a regular kid that walked-in reading a lot of comics and walked-out all grown up, still reading a lot of comics. But even as a child he was helpful to people in general. At school, for homework or at play. Even if nobody did notice he actually always did wear a cape. His ego, pride, sense-of-self, personality, character, stardom, all woven into one fine piece of invisible cloth.

While he read his newly acquired comic book, Aunt May’s speech in Spiderman surfaced out of nowhere. This was something he knew by-heart. It was something he believed in. A motto of sorts.

I believe there’s a hero in all of us that keeps us steady…gives us strength and finally allows us to die with pride. Even though sometimes, we have to give up the things we want the most…even our dreams.”

This line really reached out to him in a way that no other movie dialogue had ever done. It applied very much to everyone’s everyday life and to his too. There must be sacrifice and RESPONSIBILITY must be taken to do the right thing so that in the end, we can die with pride.

As sleep engulfed Deepak, two words and a phrase kept surfacing to his quasi-conscious state-of-mind…responsibility, sacrifice and die with pride. He dreamt of Spiderman and the Green Goblin…the Green Goblin was holding the lives of innocents in his hands. He gave Spiderman one final choice. He’ll drop both MJ and an entire cable car full of kids into the bay, Spiderman must catch one. Spiderman catches both and holds on to them with great difficulty, despite Goblin’s best efforts to hurt him. Showing that difficulties must be faced to do the right thing, the important thing to remember is to HOLD ON. Out of nowhere Deepak saw Goblin’s costume morphing into big bold treacherous letters that read “DIABETES”.