Today is my first note on resolutions for 2020. I have around 9 resolutions and I hope to publish a couple every other day starting now until the 10 th of January 2020. The last 10 odd days of every year is a period for resolutions. When you are a diabetic, these resolutions really mean a little more than the resolutions made in general. So yet again, here are a few from me. I would like to further add that my association with the corporate world has forced me to create a strongly biased set. Here they are:

Resolution 1
Not telling your doctor the truth

Honest dialogues are the basis of any patient-doctor conversation. But most of us lie. We lie about our routine,about what we eat, about our walks and exercises, about sleeping on time, about sleeping for enough number of hours, about our efforts to reduce stress, the list is endless. The point is that in the process of this ego-trip we are actually only harming ourselves and our families. When our doctor knows what we are doing, she or he might be able to solve our problem or at least foresee one. This way we can save ourselves from those dangerous diabetes- complications, some of which can be fatal. Here are some of the top lies we tell our doctors: I quit smoking. I drink alcohol only socially.

Damn it, let’s tell the truth.

Resolution 2
Making eating our emotional crutch

If we reach for sweets and chocolates every time we feel stressed, depressed or bored, we are leading ourselves into a cage full of health problems. When we eat to emotionally counterbalance a fight, a break-up, loss of a project or even a dear one’s death our minds will not try and locate the health food at home. Chocolates, pastries,ice cream and other sweets are what satisfy an outburst of this nature. While this method in the short run may help us feel better, it can for sure lead to unwanted calories and weight gain and all the other related health issues like heart problems and diabetes. A better way to deal with an emotional moment is to exercise or meditate. I have also found that going to sleep after a nice hot shower helps. 90% of the angst is gone by the time I get up. Music and a few hours of binge-watching my favourite program has also helped.

Let’s consciously get rid of eating as the only solution to emotional problems.

3 and 4 to follow…