Resolution 7
Staying Up Late

Sitting up late in the night and also attending to the next day’s activities on a regular basis promises to come with its costs. Doing this as a one-off is okay, but doing it week after week and month after month will take its toll on your physical health. Not being charged a 100% can lead to irritability, lack of clarity and brain fog and completely ruin your next working day. It can also influence your efficiency,productivity and problem solving abilities negatively. It’s very hard to focus when you are tired. And believe you me; these are not the larger issues at stake. Persistent lack of sleep can lead to heart problems, a cardiac arrest at an extreme level, high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes. It builds up gradually and will catch you when you are ill prepared. If you have the capability to play out these scenarios, you will realize that none of these are ‘happy endings’.

Go to sleep when you’re tired at night. You body needs it.

Resolution 8
Eating Too Fast

Yes, you are the busiest person on this planet. Your calendar is always full. There is also a very high probability that your organization will shut down without you. Hope you are reading the sarcasm here.You have calls to makes, meetings to attend, clients to convince. You have a flight to catch. The list is endless and 10 minutes of peace to have your breakfast or lunch in time is difficult to find. But dumping your food down your throat in under a minute will be followed by some dire consequences. To begin with, this unhealthy habit usually leads to consumption of extra calories. It can lead to weight gain and even obesity over a period of time. In the short run, eating too quickly can lead to heartburn, indigestion and even acid reflux, none of which you want to experience while in the onward flight to a meeting.Make a conscious effort to extend your meals to around 20 minutes or so. During this period take a break from your phone, laptop and anything digital. No screens please.

Making time and giving food its due respect will pay you dividends in the long term. If a 5 minute delay is good for your health, so be it.

Resolution 9
Working Too Much

Work, meetings, phone calls, flights, clients, vendors, quarter-end, year-end, the things to do on your corporate calendar are endless and more importantly, thankless. Today we have become a society that lives to work more than we work to live. This takes its toll on health – physical, mental and emotional. It comes in the form of missed family time, missed meals, inadequate sleep, no exercise and most importantly tons of stress. More and addictive work has a direct influence on decreased happiness that is so important for living a well rounded life. Our achievements at work may make us popular and load us with a lot of wealth. But is it worth missing out on time with the people we love? Is it worth missing out on those delicate important milestones in life?

Work was initially created as way of creating income to live. Of course it has evolved and means a lot more today. But maintaining a work-life balance is at the crux of a happy, healthy and successful life.