I stay in India, I love bread. I am a type 2 diabetic. Difficult!

I have always loved bread, whether with butter, ghee, milk, cheese or chutney. The roadside Mumbai sandwich-wala version, as wada-pav, bread upma or French toast. I love bread in every shape, size and texture. I and my cousin would manage to eat 10-15 slices between us with Maggi during summer vacations when we were in school. Not that I would ever recommend this to anybody now.

My love-story with bread continued for around 2 decades, from the age of 15 to around 35. This love story was sometimes in the open, but mostly a well-guarded secret from my parents. They hated me for having so much bread. And I hated them for stopping me, trying to restrict me to 2 slices, counting the remaining slices after I was done, hiding the butter etc. etc. etc. Today I realize how right they were.

When I was 35 years old this saga came to an end, abruptly. I was diagnosed a type 2 diabetic. For around 6 years post diagnosis I was in work-mode and not careful with my diabetes management at all. In 2014 my lab results slotted me at an HbA1c of 10 and that was when realization really dawned on me.

Today in 2019 I am a version 2 of myself. 13 kgs lighter and at an average HbA1c of 6 for over 5 years in a row. It’s a new life, a new body, a new mind and a new me. This version of me still could not hate bread but I knew that it was something that will never ever suit me. Maybe a few slices in the morning followed by a 20 minute walk, that’s it. Maida, sugar, white rice and bread were on my blacklist.

During these 5 years my understanding of food changed. Words like glycemic index, glycemic load, soluble and insoluble fibre, salt content and nutritional values had become very important to me and hence bread was almost a banned item in my dictionary. In December 2018, I was introduced to a brand called ‘Danz’ bread by a member of my whatsapp group. This group is dedicated to type 2 diabetes and it was during a discussion on the misunderstanding surrounding Indian brown bread that I chanced upon ‘Danz’. For some time I refused to believe that ‘Danz’ was special and unlike other brown breads. But the person who referred it to me stood her ground. As a marketing & advertising professional I understand the power of a customer’s endorsement of a brand. It comes at an ownership level that is achieved only when the brand keeps its promise and does not dilute its equity in any which way. This motivated to me put ‘Danz’ through the acid test of a glucometer.

I got a free trial pack of ‘Danz’ home and started a very regular day. Suddenly it was lunch time. The following is what happened:

  • I measured myself at 12.20 pm and my blood sugar then was 83. Low enough for me to risk bread for lunch. Something I never ever do.
  • I had 2 slices of ‘Danz’ with paneer ka subji.
  • I measured myself at 2.20pm and my reading was 128, way below the danger mark of 140.

I would give ‘Danz’ a lot of credit for fitting the bill and being true to the ingredients they promise on the packaging. I would give myself a little more credit for eating smart. Here’s what I did right:

  • I ate when my blood sugar levels were low enough to risk eating bread. If I had eaten on a base of 120 instead of 83, my post prandial reading would have been way higher than permissible levels.
  • I ate only 2 slices. Portion control.
  • I didn’t have the bread (carbs) with more carbs (say alu ka subji) but instead had it with good protein – paneer.
  • Lastly I would never repeat this for dinner as our bodies work progressively differently from morning to night.

As a reader if you respect my review, I would like to make one more point – make home testing a habit, especially for untested and new items on your menu. Elimination will be logical and life will be easier.

‘Danz’ passed a glucometer test with flying colours in a given context with certain criteria in place. And bread and I may become friends yet again.

This review is a neutral & an unbiased version by the author. No commercial arrangement has been undertaken between Danz Foods and The unDiplomatic Diabetic.