Before I turned diabetic I never gave a second thought to eating out. The decision was based on only one thing – what did I feel like eating that day. After becoming a diabetic figuring out a good place to eat out became a monstrous job for me.  Because now the paradigm had changed – the decision now was based on what will spike my sugar levels to the least. After much analysis, the entire exercise has culminated into finding the ‘best of the worst’ as there is no concept of diabetic-friendly restaurants in India and in Mumbai where I live. At least none that I know of.

During our blueprint conversations about the blog, one of things we always wanted to incorporate was a list of restaurants or specific items on a menu that we could recommend for diabetics like me. Here’s how these make it to our list:

– I check my sugar level before the meal

– I have the meal

– I check my sugar levels 2 hours after the meal.

I treat other parts of the day and those 2 hours as usual and do not make any change that would skew the postprandial reading in any manner.

The first such analysis was of my all-time favourite food – The crispy Medu Vada available in the omnipresent Udipi restaurants sprawled all over Mumbai… MEDDLING WITH MEDU VADA