Each one us of has that one thing that we would like to excel in. While this proficiency is very overt in careers like professional sports, it may not be very apparent for thousands of us leading normal lives.

And when this happy monotony gets hit with diabetes, our entire being is disrupted – violently. We suddenly are face to face with this great void, a big black hole that consumes all our will power and positivity. It takes us a step down – in every aspect of our lives. While going through this phase of inertia and disappointment I was lucky enough to have chanced upon a small book called ‘serve to win’.

Here’s where you can buy it from:

It is authored by Novak Djokovic – an ex-world no.1 tennis player who has won multiple grand slams and held the number 1 spot in the world for 223 weeks in a row. He is considered one of the greatest players of all times. In 2011, he won 10 titles, 3 slams and 43 consecutive matches.

But just some years prior, Novak could barely complete a tournament. He was plagued by aches, breathing difficulties and injuries on court. How did he change all this?

  1. By listening to his body
  2. Understanding that the gluten in his diet was the culprit
  3. Changing his diet

While Novak is gluten-intolerant, all of us diabetics are glucose-intolerant at varying degrees. What this book allows us to do is draw a parallel and an inspiration to turn our lives around with the single largest step that we have to take to help our bodies – CHANGE WHAT WE EAT. This book is not a word-to-word guide, but a philosophy, an ideology and a way of life we can follow.

The book finally talks about how each of us can create an ideal food universe for ourselves by going through a 14 day trial. 14 days will allow each one of us to test 70 different meal combinations and snacks (assuming one eats 5 times a day) and include the ones that are diabetic-friendly and more importantly exclude the ones that are not.

This book changed my life. While I still remain a Rafa fan, I am obliged to Novak for life. We should all get ready for a version 2 of our old selves. A new avatar that allows us to be physically at the helm of good health and mentally as sharp and focused as never before.