Do you love your Mother-in-law?

Yesterday my mother in-law asked me to buy her a pack of sugar-free biscuits. I picked up the same brand which she regularly eats. As I had to pick-up my daughter from school, I decided to also buy a chocolate flavoured biscuit (of the same company) for my daughter.

I reached school a little early and while waiting for my daughter, my eyes went over to the biscuit packets lying on the seat of my car. I started reading the nutritional label of the sugar-free version and then I took the other pack to compare.

To my utter disbelief and shock, the carbohydrate content of the sugar-free pack was 20% higher than that of the normal pack. I realized that the sugar content in the sugar-free pack was being replaced with extra carbohydrates to compensate for the weight / volume which resulted in higher values.

Many people as soon as diagnosed with diabetes cut out sugar from the food and struggle to understand why their sugar levels are still sky high.

What goes wrong? The lack of understanding that once in the body, carbohydrates turn into sugar. Foods with carbohydrates affect our blood glucose levels similar to ones that have sugar in it. Of course, not all carbohydrates are created equal.

It’s important to read the nutritional labels to make sure that you’re eating what you think you’re eating.

Vinod Sadashivaiah
Co-founder – Lowkal