Dinesh Z


Personifying ‘Being Human’ even before it became a brand would have been easy for anybody if they had met Dinesh. Dinesh is a summation of everything humanity needs today – tolerance and kindness are at the core of everything he does. And ‘live and let live’ are his motto in life. Hence one could not keep Dinesh away from a cause as humane as this for too long.

Dinesh is creative. Art and travel are his duo delights and he would never miss a chance to discover something new in either of these worlds.

Professionally Dinesh belongs to the world of advertising and media with over two decades of experience across India’s best known advertising agencies and media houses. He has been part of some of the best brands and advertising campaigns that India has known.

For The unDiplomatic Diabetic Dinesh will wear his creative hat. He will help complex conceptual discussions and strategies dissolve into simple, tangible pieces of communication that a knowledge hungry diabetic will always seek.