Neha Dulera


At a very young age, Neha comes packed with a sensibility that is unparalleled at this age. She is sensitive, aware, empathetic, responsive and perceptive.

Some of these qualities have been a catalyst to her being a good student and a success academically. She has a graduation degree in Management Studies from Mumbai University, India. She dreams of having an array of qualifications against her name and is in the pursuit of a post-graduation from a premier academic institution.

Her die-hard love for ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Marvel’ will give you a glimpse of the ‘child’ in her. Her love for reading, watercolours, small quaint restaurants, nature and coffee – not in the order – are a pleasant surprise and come in complete contrast to the likes of today’s youth.

Her calibre and her maturity, coupled with a doctor for a dad made it extremely easy for her to understand a difficult subject like diabetes and appreciate the damage it can do to the generations to come.

Being part of The unDiplomatic Diabetic is Neha’s contribution to the society at large and a promise to herself that she will do all that she can in her capacity to make our society, especially her generation diabetes sensitive and tolerant.