When you finally plan to turnaround and set on the path to discover a version 2 of yourself, you will always find 2 sets of forces at play:

  1. The positives – Family, healthy food, time for exercise, the willpower to follow a healthy routine, healthy sleep patterns. You may even find like-minded people along the way on your path to progress.
  1. The negatives – Some old habits, some counterproductive workplace addictions, some eating patterns, some compelling friends and some ‘will never let you go’ colleagues.

While the positives will keep you grounded and focussed on your new-found routine, there will be a host of negative influences that will keep tugging at you every step of the way. Cut to the chase…here is what you need to do:

  1. Start with people

Who are you spending time with? Are these quality people and do they understand the stage-of-life you are in? Or were they in your life for the conveniences you provided? How do they treat you and more importantly how do they treat themselves? Are they self-abusers with no strategic goals in life. LET THEM GO.

Try becoming a person who is simple, hardworking, and virtuous. You’ll automatically alienate the wrong people and attract the right ones. These qualities will be a major catalyst in your diabetes management.

  1. Next is the workplace

Are you working out of the fear of losing your job? Is it a one-way street? Are you financially so tentative and overexposed that corporate imprisonment is the only way out? Your workplace, its pressures, the undue commitments, the mindless power points, forced late working, posturing, boss and senior management appeasement – ARE THESE REALLY WORTH YOUR WHILE?

Develop a plan B with the help of your family and well-wishers. Move away from the forced corporate conditioning that leaves you no time for your physical and emotional betterment and makes you toxic. Rediscover yourself and you may find new hidden talents that may double up as a hobby cum career. And they may make you more money than the conventional.

If people and organizations can’t do things differently and are only pulling you down, let them go if you can afford it. Your diabetes will eventually destroy your health if you don’t manage it well. A fake friend, an obsessive boss or a moronic colleague will not take responsibility for you.

So I say ‘choose wisely…ELIMINATE DELIBERATELY and for sure.