6 years into diabetes i quit my job. An HbA1c of 10 is what precipitated this decision. Looking back, these last 4 years have been the ultimate road to discovery. Of good health, peace of mind and the limitless possibilities of a blissful yet buoyant life without being bound by the confines of the corporate jungle.

That is when i picked up a few books on health. The first thing that i learnt is about the infinite amount of carbs we Indians consume. Every meal is high on carbs and refined carbs at that. These books and some very credible hospital websites opened by eyes wide and I started being careful, conscious and calibrated about the carbs i consumed.

As a South Indian white rice is omnipresent in our household. We also love chapati and other manifestations of wheat like puris and parathas. Everything else that one makes is ancillary, things that help us in the spirited consumption of rice or wheat.

Now imagine a vegetarian family that has forever had rice and wheat. When they think food, they think rice or rotis surrounded by dal, vegetables and dahi. Given the above truth, even a family with 100% diabetics in it will never give up on rice and wheat. This is a classic problem that many traditional families face today. Inertia, lack of exposure, unwillingness to change and the greed for traditional food has resulted in many-a-diabetic’s deteriorated health, quality of life and even death.

The reason is simple. This age old white rice and wheat are both not best suited for diabetics because of their high glycemic indices. These refined carbohydrates cause rapid spikes in blood sugar making them harmful for diabetics.

Instead of omitting rice altogether, many people choose to eat brown rice over white rice for its health benefits and it’s slower glucose-raising effect. In fact, one study conducted by scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health suggests that replacing white rice with brown rice could in fact lower diabetes risk by an estimated 16 percent.

There are a number of varieties of brown rice available in the market. In my personal experience the ones that you buy out of the ‘ghonis’ (sacks) are the best. We buy 2 types and they are below…the lighter one is Rs. 55 per kg and the darker one is Rs.63 per kg. We buy these from ‘palan pasu’ a local kirana in chembur east.

We use the lighter one instead of white rice and the darker one is used as a substitute for white rice for dosa ka atta.

This is how the dosa looks: 

Now look at the brighter side. Except for this minor replacement, everything else you buy and cook remains essentially the same. Choosing brown rice did not disrupt your kitchen or palate in any which way.

And let me promise you this… with this change, you will start seeing drastic improvements in your sugar levels within just a few weeks. And once that happens, you will voluntarily replace everything that is harmful in your kitchen with diabetic friendly products.

Change or Stagnate. You Decide!