Food is the genesis of our lives. I don’t mean it as a need or nourishment for the growth and development of the human body.

Food for us is relationships. When we sit down with someone and share a meal, we form a special bond with them. Not because of what we spoke or transacted. But merely because of what we shared from a plate.

Food is an emotion. It makes us happy. In some ways our moods dictate what we eat.  In other ways what we eat dictates our moods. Food manipulates us, entices us, and lures us like nothing else.

Food is associations – mother, a childhood memory, festivals, friends. Food is an occasion. It has and will always remain celebratory. Maybe it was a meal with someone special. Or it was a ceremony  and a special cuisine thereof.  Food is an experience. Of the places we visit. Their unique culinary delights.

Our food habits will change their shades from being benign & nutritious, to getting a little exploratory; to going spicy & wild and settling back to caution, when we enter a certain stage of our lives. Eventually this food that defined us forever will start playing a more resigned role as we age. When we are in good health, this process is natural, expected and rather well defined.

But when we are hit with diabetes, we are immediately and in an unkindly fashion told that this precious food is partly, no largely the cause of our ill health. And that we need to change our habits radically to be able to live better and longer?

Would this life-sentence on food demolish us mentally, emotionally and in every which way possible. Would it wreck us? Would it be like somebody taking away our mental crutch and asking us to walk on one leg?

The correlation between diabetes and food is deep. A qualified, thoughtful and a kind nutritionist can help us slide over this great void. While the ecosystem is there is help us, it is us the – diabetics who have to change our frames of reference and redefine food in our hearts and heads. We need to be able to segregate foods as good or bad and fear or respect them accordingly.

See a friendly nutritionist today and come up with your ideal meal plan.

Death or Health. You Decide!