What is the one thing that all grandparents’ stories have in common? Nostalgia. Nostalgia for a period long gone, a place that no longer exists, a feeling like no other. Nostalgia for the adventures of youth. There are very few people who, if given a chance, would not wish to relive the days of their youth. That period of carefree energy and exuberance has often been described as the most beautiful moment in a person’s lifetime.

Youth is fleeting. It gets lost somewhere between the bittersweet vestiges of first love and the rat race for success in life. Sometimes it disappears with a blink of an eye, leaving behind nothing but memories. Perhaps this is why the youth of today are addicted to everything ‘fast’.

Fast cars, fast internet, fast processors, fast fame, fast success.Fast food.

This obsession with “Fast” often leads them on the fast lane to health problems too. In their quest to achieve everything and experience everything in the shortest time possible, they often neglect to take care of the most important commodity they possess: their health.

The food habits and sedentary lifestyle of the youth are like a welcome mat to a host of health problems. Lifestyle diseases such as obesity and diabetes are increasingly common among young people today. The increasing popularity of fast food joints only adds to the matter. Instead of a balanced home-cooked meal, most kids’ birthday parties now feature their favourite’ burgers or pizza. Soda and sugary drinks have replaced even water as a beverage in many households. Video games have replaced outdoor sports as kids’ favourite activity. For young adults, weekends are synonymous with binge drinking and parties. By the time these kids reach the age of 25-26, they are overweight diabetics dealing with an overload of work stress.

Their lifestyle choices are a result of them wanting to prolong their youth, but ironically their lifestyle choices are what result in them losing the essence of their youth. It’s up to us to bring awareness about the dangers of living fast and up to the youth to persevere and preserve this most beautiful moment of their life.