During my sabbatical, the first major change that I made was in my food universe. I measured my blood glucose levels after every meal and noted it. At the end of 15 days I had eliminated what was taking me over 150 and noting down what worked for me. Finally I had a calendar that told me what suits my body, in what quantities and at what times of the day. Before I started this regimen I weighed 80 kilos.

In a month or so, purely with the help of my new diet, I lost around 3 kilos. Some of you may understand this feeling of exuberance. Instead of 8 I had a 7 as the first number for my weight. This feeling motivated me to add some form of physical exercise to my effort. I started walking in the mornings. On my very first day, I walked for 20 minutes and felt like I had conquered the Everest. I also started feeling good after my walks. I really really felt better.

After the initial feeling of irrational happiness my mind turned logical and surveyed the track I had available for walking around where live. There was this squarish perimeter that I wanted to measure.

The next sets of activities were a drain on my pocket but worth my while. I got myself all the relevant gear, including new shoes (3 pairs), socks (the best brands), new track pants and tons t-shirts. Good, stylish and trendy gear always adds a lot of motivation to any activity, at least initially. The perimeter measured around 1.5 kms and took me 20 minutes on day one.  Now it takes me 12 minutes at my best.

6 months down the line I weighed 74 kilos and 12 months down the line I was at 70. Net-net in around 13-14 months I had shed 10 kilos in all. Today I weigh around 67 kilos. But wait, weight loss is just a by-product for me. The real results are below:

HbA1c in April 2015 – 9.8 – in the danger zone

HbA1c in March 2016 – 6 – in the pre-diabetic zone

From a chronic diabetic my status changed to that of a pre-diabetic. Which further means that I had really succeeded in fighting diabetes tooth & nail and keeping my blood glucose under permissible levels. Which further means that I have pushed away the long term complications of diabetes like failed kidneys, eyesight, heart problems and a stroke to name a few.

Eventually I joined a gym and I have been at it for around 15 months now. I haven’t had any form of exercise for the last 5 weeks and have gained around 2 kilos. Honestly, I was more regular when I was just walking. But yes, I am planning to start gymming this week again.

Walking is a panacea for diabetes. It suits any weight, any body type, any season, any time of the day. It provides us immense flexibility and great results. Yes, one does need to be patient and persistent and the results are bound to follow.

Fitness or fatigue. You Decide!